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The Slingshot Strategy

The Slingshot Strategy

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After working alongside some of the best entrepreneurs and leaders in the world — individuals who have reached millions of people with a message—I've learned one very important thing: Success isn't so much about slick tools or tactics as it is a strategic state of mind.

That’s what separates "the wannabe’s” from people that are actually battling the gates of hell and shaping the course of nations.

In this teaching, Dr. Lance Wallnau lays out an unconventional plan for how you can access your calling and successfully reach the top of your mountain by:

  • Understanding that the "mountain of me” unlocks your full capacity
  • Working in your calling and authorizing your ministry
  • Becoming a killer sheep that is a lover, warrior, and a statesman who can use both the harp and the sling shot.
  • Turning your weaknesses into your strengths.
  • Unleashing the power of your micro church
  • Tapping into divine favor during pivotal moments

This message is one of the most important Dr. Lance Wallnau has ever done because it teaches you how to cultivate a winning mindset— one that can not only move mountains but take you to the top!

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