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8 Keys To Discovering & Mastering Your Niche Market

8 Keys To Discovering & Mastering Your Niche Market

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  • DON’T SHOUT ABOVE THE CROWD TO GET YOUR MESSAGE OUT… You just need know where your tribal traffic is!
  • TRIBE BUILDING IS THE NEW MARKETING! In a crowded social media landscape get noticed by participating in the conversation with your fellow tribesmen.
  • YOU NO LONGER NEED SOMEONE ELSE'S PLATFORM. 5 years ago maybe, but that is not the case anymore! Learn how to build an online audience of raving fans!
  • THE 5 STEPS TO SPHERE PREEMINENCE! Become the recognized authority, expand your tribe and monetize the conversation!

"You don't have a money problem what you have is an idea problem!"

Hi, I am Dr. Lance Wallnau and I am going to tell you the most liberating secret about money I have ever heard!

Years ago I was praying... (actually complaining) about finances and cultural transformation. The Lord said something that rocked me...   "You don't have a money problem what you have is an idea problem." Then He began giving me creative ideas to create wealth.   

In the world system they train you to "take" wealth from others - one person gets rich at another person's expense.   

In the kingdom we learn how to "create" wealth. That is a BIG difference. In the kingdom both people end up winners, the buyer and the seller.  



Here are the two words for supernatural wealth creation: WISDOM and CREATIVITY. 

The Harvard Business Review calls it, "INNOVATION"! In reality it is just a brilliant idea with a mechanism for marketing it.   What would it be like if I could show YOU how to become YOUR OWN supernatural "IDEA FACTORY" FOR WEALTH CREATION? 

Well I boiled everything I know about marketing into 8 key points that I want to share with you in this video!    

In this totally unique offer I created:   
  • A special 36 page Manual (PDF) for you to download!  
  •  3 Video Coaching Modules to walk you personally thru every page, narrating my personal favorite strategies as if we were sitting together, and…  
  •  I outline STEP BY STEP how to enter the "Idea Factory" where we together DESIGN A PRODUCT and AN IRRESISTIBLE OFFER that creates wealth.   


Every one of you that has an itch to change the world or get your message out has a NICHE in the seven mountain mandate. 

My guess is that many of you will be impacting markets and people all over the earth once you discover the proper use of the internet in your strategy! My manual and live coaching modules called, 8 Keys To Discovering and Mastering Your Niche Market will help you discover your mountain, carve out and mine the riches in YOU and YOUR ASSIGNED TERRITORY

The "8 Keys Manual" is your map, your treasure guide, that takes you into territory richer in promise than the California gold rush! In fact, your idea "gold mind" is found in heaven, its God releasing ideas into your noodle.   

Get the Black Friday Marketing Boot Camp... 

1. Find your niche' 

2. Start digging into your mine 

3. Discover the riches in YOUR niches and Move FAST....because sure as anything, if God has land for you the devil is gonna want to get there first.   

ENJOY Because..."There's gold in them thar hills..."


Lesson 1: 
The New Big Picture

Lesson 2: 
Your New Career

Lesson 3: 
Your Target Market

Lesson 4: 
Riches Are In The Niches

Lesson 5: 
Get Inside Their Mind

Lesson 6: 
Your Positioning Strategy

Lesson 7: 
Create A Winning Recipe

Lesson 8: 
Sell Without Being "Sales-y"


Bonus 1: 
60 min on how you can, "Understand Social Selling: Your Personal Strategy for Sphere Preeminence Bootstrap"

Bonus 2: 
The Ultimate Online Tool Guide: 101+ Tools And Resources To Build A Successful Brand Or Business


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