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Tapping into the Wealth of Secret Places

Tapping into the Wealth of Secret Places

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To obtain the financial resources of heaven here on earth to accomplish God's purpose, we have to understand: God has the science of success already figured out. It is our job to be where God is: "If you'll be faithful to be where God is, He will bring to you the favor necessary to you to attract every resource you need to be successful in God's mission."

In this engaging series, Lance identifies different forms of wealth, and explores how to foster a life of anointed connections that will propel you to prosperity in different kinds. 

"Money is not even a problem. If you have the right entrepreneurial ideal, you become a magnet to the attraction of the resource to make the thing manifest." He helps you assess the how to get to the position of expectation. 

Getting to financial, mental, and spiritual wealth has so much to do with perspective and understanding. He peels back what a healthy and wealthy individual self looks like. And he goes where few successful financial advisors go: "We are called to help each other achieve the dream God gave for the other person. The era of an obsession with your own promotion is over." Our wealth comes from helping others achieve their dreams, not just increasing our paycheck. 

Lance's teaching will increase your faith, and provide practical suggestions to your frame of mind to result in being in the best position to receive wealth. This series will serve as a launching pad for further exploration into wealth of all kinds. 

You are anointed for the transfer of wealth. Are you ready? 

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