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Endgame: A Time For Peace And A Time For War

Endgame: A Time For Peace And A Time For War

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Earth is hurtling toward a climax that both confirms and completely upends much of what we were taught about the Last Days. The battle is played out every day in the headlines but few Christians see what is really unfolding behind the manipulation of media. 

God’s endgame is bigger and bolder than anything we have been taught. It is not just a “harvest of souls” -  it is a “harvest of nations.” 

Great power is about to be released to those who understand the times and are willing to advance with heaven’s angelic armies. Jesus was promised - nations [for His] inheritance.” (Psalm 2:8) Powerful forces are coming to maturity in a global realignment of nations and kingdoms. The forces of light and darkness are on a collision course but you do not need to fear.

In this series you will understand “the Endgame”:      

  •       Behold the prophetic mystery behind the rise of sheep and goat nations.
  •       Learn how to interpret prophetic signs in the news.
  •       Discover your role in the endgame.
  •       Actively partner with God to become a habitation for this final move of the Spirit.

Ours is a contest with global forces of “mind control.” God's antidote is an outpouring of the Spirit releasing the “mind of Christ!” This series will help you to step into a realm where angels actively overturn works of darkness and advance the children of light. Jesus is preparing a warrior bride whose heart is set on Him receiving His inheritance - souls and nations! 

2 CDs | 1hour 36minutes

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