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Gold Medal Performance

Gold Medal Performance

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Have you ever driven through Florida in the summer? 

It's a weird experience - I don't know what part of Florida I was in but as I was driving these bugs just kept hitting the windshield one after another- splat, splat, splat. I thought, “My God, it’s like a kamikaze attack!” 

While it was a mess, I did realize something. This is the perfect image of how the enemy throws negative thoughts and emotions at you and me as we are driving through life! You have the authority to veto anything the enemy wants to splat in your head and or in your heart, BUT - To stop the “splats” of life you have to have your body, soul and spirit in alignment.

When your not in alignment you become vulnerable and in-congruent. Paul talks about alignment in Ephesians 4:22 when he says, "You were taught, with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires;" meaning you have old patterns, old neurons flying, old wiring, old emotions that are being triggered. Do you know how break that?

You put on the new man! 
You don't rebuke it. You do something else.
You activate the overcomer on the inside.

You activate the anointing in you to bring your body, soul and spirit into alignment with what the Word says. Then when you bring your body in agreement with what you're saying to yourself, you’re in a position where you're moving in faith. The truth sets you free because the truth is what you say to yourself.

A lot of times I believe we have the mentality that a good day is kind of like an accident and a bad day is a warfare day - that had we prayed harder then we would get blessed or if someone else would pray for us then something would alter - BUT I WANT TO SHATTER THAT WHOLE IDEA. You don't need to get a hold of ten intercessors to pray for you. You don't need to get hold of a man or woman of God to lay hands on you. You have access to everything you need right on the inside of you.

You need to have management of what goes on inside of you so that you start to command the environment around you - this is all what I call "gold medal performance." Peak performers - entertainers, singers, speakers, CEO’s, law enforcement and so many others - cannot afford to let their mood alter their state - and you can’t either!

I am introducing a new series called “Gold Medal Performance” where I do a drive deep on how peak performers:

  • Thrive under pressure 
  • Don't let their emotions get the better of them 
  • Stay in alignment 
  • Envision the win and chart their path to victory 

You see, athletes do something right before they have to perform - It's called getting in state. What they're doing is they're getting their mind, their emotions and their body in alignment for performance at a high level, and there's incredible focus and energy going on.

It is time for you to take control like a peak performer - rather than letting the splats of demonic circumstances dictate your direction. "Gold Medal Performance" is all about getting you into state, tapping into and releasing the overcomer on the inside. I want you to get a hold of this series because this is one of those teachings that you want to layer. You will want to listen to it again and again because every time you listen to this material it is going to meet you at a different emotional and mental intersection.

When Jesus talks with his disciples, he talked about tribulation and trouble to come. Even more so, as you see news cycles approaching with greater stress in the last days, the antidote is a greater YOU in the last days. When kingdom will be against kingdom - and nation against nation - Jesus says, “See that you be not troubled for these things must happen before the end comes.’’ In other words, let not your heart be troubled. Think about this, “Do not let your heart be troubled.” Who has control of the troubled heart here? Obviously, it's YOU.

I want you to get “Gold Medal Performance” today and start focusing on getting in state and taking the mountain of ‘me’ - the territory on the inside of you - so that you can go take on the territory outside of you that is the assignment that God has given you and I.

Lance Wallnau

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This material was recorded at our Dream Trip Event in Lake Tahoe during May 2017. 

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