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Doing Business Supernaturally 201 (7 Part Series)

Doing Business Supernaturally 201 (7 Part Series)

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As ordinary people, when we operate in this realm, the extraordinary happens. 2000 years ago a carpenter from Galilee went about His father's business doing the supernatural everywhere He went, but for Him, it was natural. Upon completing this series, the supernatural will become natural for YOU as you´re going about your business in the marketplace. GET READY!!

This series covers: 
- Dynamics of Career Convergence: 6 keys for doing what you do best and love to do most. - Clarity is power: 4 steps to aligning your passions daily and keeping a laser-like focus on your target. - Building a strategy of pre-eminence: How to identify your sandbox and be the dominant player. - The power of force multiplication: Hit your target with several strategies one at a time! - 4 types of agreement that have immediate impact in the marketplace. - 15 practical applications for spiritual gifts in your business. - Releasing the authority of peace into your circle of influence and shift your spiritual atmosphere in order to develop EQ. - Dynamics of Constraint Theory: Identify the #1 thing getting in your way right now and watch your results move from incremental to exponential. - Innovation is the future: Re-engineer your team so that they create, refine and execute strategies in half the time.

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