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The Mount Zion Mantle

The Mount Zion Mantle

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Available as DVD Series or Online Streaming Video.
Both formats include BONUS audio version of material, PDF Outlined Notes, and PDF of product transcripts. PDFs will be delivered to your email. 

The Bible says you “are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken.”(Heb 12:28). Throughout history, we have learned that economics shake, governments shake, even churches shake; but your confidence never needs to shake! God's Word and God's kingdom are unshakable. There is a fresh revelation at hand about the kingdom. Grab it and go up to the next level!

In “The Mount Zion Mantle” Dr. Lance Wallnau shows you how you can push past the turmoil of conflicting voices and enter the Tabernacle of God’s presence. The secret is to find your jurisdiction, define the area of your assignment, and learn how to “rule in the midst of your enemies.”

IN THIS NEW SERIES, you will discover how you can:

  • Walk in your prophetic anointing
  • Reap the 30, 60, 100 fold levels of revelation
  • Pray in the Spirit to get where you need to be
  • Get to the top of your mountain
  • Access the first-born double portion anointing
  • Govern both in the spiritual and the natural

Big shake ups happen when the spirit realm shifts. This is because the kingdom of God is advancing and the devil does not like it.

God is preparing you to step into His agenda and assignment for your life - it’s time to get grounded and start displacing the thrones, dominions, principalities, and powers of the enemy and receive your unshakable kingdom!

Please check your email for delivery of PDFs of notes and transcripts. Digital version of product is included with purchase of DVD Series. "Online Streaming Video" indicates that the video portion of this product is not available for direct download but instead will stream to your device using your unique access link. 

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