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The Last Days Glory Basket

The Last Days Glory Basket

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The "Last Days Glory Basket" highlights the disposition of God's Abundance. He does not want us just to "make it" but to have more than enough.

In every move of God, it's God's nature to give you more than you use. In the Last Days Glory Basket Lance looks at Biblical heroes and the anointing that is "left over" for our use today. In this session Lance opens our eyes to how we as believers can reach into the portion of everything God ever provided that was never used. Every miracle now, in the Bible, has potential for going farther than its application in the Bible - because there was always more there. 

Lance highlights that there were fragments left of the abundance of God that must be used. He believes that we're living in a time when all of the miracles and experiences in the Bible are going to be accessed and manifested in one generation. 
As believers we must see what is in heaven that we have access to now. By walking out with God now what we see in the future we can continue to bring heavenly solutions and glory manifestations to our culture. This is a seminar you do not want to miss.
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