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Personal Mastery Bundle

Personal Mastery Bundle

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These three classic CD series will train you how to "Take Your Personal Mountain."

This bundle includes:

  • Ask Ask Ask (4 CD series)
  • Favor (4 CD series)
  • In a Heartbeat (4 CD series) 

Could it be that we have lost the art of effective petition? Or are the hearts of men so set on their own lusts that their petitions fall to the ground lifeless? The truth is that there is a way of communing with God so that His desires are conceived in you and your desires are embraced by Him. That is the focus of this special teaching by Lance Wallnau. When finished you will ask and receive!


What does favor look like? Favor is like being dipped in the honey of God's presence so that all the blessings He has sent start to stick to you! Once released it will change the quality of your life, no matter your age or circumstance. His power can dramatically effect marriages by recapturing your spouse's attention, singles attract the right mate, students begin to excel, employees get promoted, employers attract winners, believers attract the lost.

There are three decisions you make every moment of every day that determine your destiny. They are: what you focus on, the meaning you give to your focus, and the decision you make based on your meaning. You can change the direction of your life and quality of your state by renewing your mind to a new focus, meaning, and decision.


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