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Dream Trip 2015

Dream Trip 2015

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Over 18 Hours of Training in 7 Sessions

Are you seeking a fresh revelation? Ready to experience and access creative atmosphere? Desperate to refresh your spirit, soul and body? Hungry to gain insight and clarity? And dreaming of receiving revelation and impartation? In a convenient way? From your own home?

If you answered yes to any of the preceding questions, you need this product!

We are so excited about the content that was produced in May 2015 at our ANNUAL dream trip, that we could not let the year end without making it available to you. The truth revealed during the few hours we were together is still reverberating in the heavenlies and we want you to have access to the revelations!

+ Hear insight on the 7M (Seven Mountain) Adventures happening among nations.
+ Garner amazing insights on how to lead from an emerging future.
+ Gain clarity on how to keep winning when the rules keep changing.
+ Discover how to create and discover the divine connections you were intended for – already around you!
+ Gather understanding on how to break anxiety, fear and hindering powers off your mind.
+ Get clarity on your passion – the key to your unlived dreams and callings.

It is time for you to understand that your success in life is not just based on how you do or do not perform. Through these segments you will gain a clearer understanding as to Who God is and what He automatically makes available to us as His children. Listen to these messages and you will see that INCREASE IS SEEKING YOU!

Get to know Lance in an up close way – from your own home.

Now more than ever the Body of Christ needs you to be refreshed and engaged. We think this content is just what you need.

Divine appointments happen for those who show up for them!  This is YOUR MOMENT! 

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