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Dream Trip 2014

Dream Trip 2014

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Many of you have been trying to break through to the next level but feel like you are hacking a path through a jungle. With all the voices out there it’s getting more difficult every day to know what guide to listen to!

I know what it feels like to struggle.

YESTERDAY Over 300 of my friends on Facebook gave me their ranking of their top #8 needs:

1. How do you get from concept to cashing checks for ideas, business, inventions……

2. How do you find your passion and purpose? How do you pinpoint that “one thing” to focus on?

3. I feel called to coach, teach, speak, run a business but how do I get started? What’s the action plan?

4. How do I find continued strength and joy in a prolonged wilderness season? What do you do with the battle in the mind?

5. Where do I go to get connected to others in the 7M world? I need a network.

6. How do I reach and motivate the next generation of youth?

7. Lance, what keeps you so motivated and focused?

8. I’ve got ideas but I need cash to start. What to do?


All of the areas were scored high.

So…. I’m going to do something unusual

I’ve got 7M specialists all doing various presentations. I am going to put together an experts panel to discuss the eight questions!




Never done this before – I’m going to bring a team to set up a “LIVE” web streaming ACCESS TO OUR DREAM TRIP!

Let me introduce our event DREAM team…


EVERY SPEAKER is an EXPERT 7M practitioner!


 • Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda: Authors, Signs & Wonders Experts who were protege’s of Derek Prince.

“Learn how to access and enter a stronger dimension of spiritual perception and power”

 PLUS: Mahesh will be Ministering & Praying for You Every Night!


• Dave Yarnes: Majority Owner of Several Investment Companies speaking on:Lessons from Moravian Falls“Supernatural Business Incubator”


• Wendy K. Walters: 7M Expert on getting YOUR BOOK DONE! Speaking on: “Make Your Mark, Master Your Message, Market Your Mind” (Wendy has launched over 70 first time authors!)


• Harsha Jayatunge, Dubai, UAE International Banker:

“Banking on the Supernatural” Funniest banker I ever met!


• Kim Corden: Global Business Intercessor, Author

“7M Underground Supernatural Stories” She works directly with business and ministry as a supernatural intercessor. (I think many of you may have this call as well!)


• Brent Sagissor: Real Estate & Property Expert:

“Become a 7M Wealth Creator.” I’ve discovered that “land” is the one form of wealth acquisition that the Bible endorses!


• Patti Waterbury: Entrepreneur and Business Coach

“7M Guide to Starting, Building, or Turning Business Around”- Want to get to the NEXT step as a self employed business owner? Send her your questions!


• Lance Wallnau Jr: Prophetic Artist, Writer & Warrior

“Straight from the Heart” The 7M Gen! Prophetic Activation. My son and the 20-25yr olds bring the next gen anointing!

 ALL THIS plus…. special sessions JUST for the “Live” audience. While my group goes to the pool, you and I are going to go to our own private broadcast.)


******** A FULL 16 HOURS of immersion********

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