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Divine Appointments (Streaming Video)

Divine Appointments (Streaming Video)

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In this educational and entertaining seminar, Lance Wallnau helps the audience appreciate, recognize, and position themselves for Divine Appointments.

The real acts of God in your life are never set up by you. They are always surprising you. But we have a responsibility to be in position for them, as they prepare to manifest. There are people that will soon cross your path, who need the benediction of God you can release. Are you ready?

Lance offers specific and succinct points that will upgrade your language and thinking to help you navigate and apply supernatural into the realm of the natural. In his presentation, he explains how to establish a prayer perimeter, why shaking hands when you meet someone can be a Holy Spirit encounter, the power of a prosperous soul, and so much more.

Have your notebook ready. When you walk away, you will be on your way to maximizing the world around you for Divine Appointments.

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