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Cyrus Trump

Cyrus Trump

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When this explosive and ancient secret is unlocked… everything will change!

A critical window of time has been opened over the Earth and a prophetic summons is being issued to nations—and individuals entering “the valley of decision.” How you respond to this summons could change everything!

Dr. Lance Wallnau—whose landmark Amazon bestseller, God’s Chaos Candidate, helped shift the 2016 election—delivers a powerful and prophetic message that interprets ancient texts… “sealed until the time of the end.”

In this provocative series you will discover how:

  • A prophetic message more than 2600 years old, unveils the predictive sequence to world events happening today!
  • An ancient cosmic timeline outlining the course of nations—and how these events will impact your life.
  • Old Testament leaders serve as prophetic warning and promise for politicians and leaders living today (involving their influence in shaping nations, their rise, and their downfall).
  • Current events predict the rise of “sheep” and “goat” nations.

The hour is urgent - but the Saints are not. Christian civilization is at a historic crossroad. Unprecedented REVIVAL and the upheaval of REFORMATION are converging as spiritual powers collide over the destiny of nations.

This urgent warning explains the signposts that mark the end of religious freedom in free nations and the emergence of revival in places totally unexpected. Do you know the signs you need to look for? Dr. Lance will show you how to decode the headlines you read every day!

Get ready to be astonished, amazed, and confounded when you watch Lance explain how his 2015 prediction regarding Cyrus Trump and the dramatic realignment of Russia, North Korea, China, Iran and Israel was proved true. Dr. Lance Wallnau takes you from modern day current event headlines to the ancient Middle East and breaks down how you and I are key actors in the global drama that will determine the course of nations. Once you understand the new end time map, you will never see the world the same way.

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