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Becoming Unstoppable

Becoming Unstoppable

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What takes man years, God can do in an instant. The best moments of my life are the times when I see a lifetime of transformation compressed into minutes. Becoming Unstoppable is part of the latest Level 10 Living  series designed to do just that. 

Becoming Unstoppable has three of the most powerful tools and mind blowing techniques you can use to transform your life. It’s like a cosmic makeover. 

Right out of the Lance Lab. After recording over 100+ hours of work with clients the world over we identified breakthrough techniques that literally blast people into a new level. Your I AM Statement, PASSION Statement and DESTINY MAP.

Wrap up your past, present and future in one powerful process! Here’s what they do...

  • I Am Statement: You will no longer be plagued with hesitation and doubt about what to do when you come to the moment of truth - the moment when you need to make the tough decision or take the courageous step into the big dream you have for your life. With your I AM statement in place you will never quit again.
  • Passion Process: When people aren’t clear they don’t take action. To get that clarity I walk people through a process we developed in the Lance Learning Lab called “The Passion Process.”  This has helped 100’s of people get clear on their top 3 passions. We create a prophetic proclamation that clearly articulates what you really want to show up in your life. NOW is the time for you to get TOTAL LAZER-LIKE clarity and become an unstoppable force. 
  • Destiny Map: A step-by-step process to uncover the hidden patterns that have shaped your destiny. Once you see them you can rewrite your next chapter. 

People who use the Becoming Unstoppable 3-step proprietary process will for the first time in their life be able to say boldly “THIS IS WHO I AM!” and watch the devil and EVERY OBSTACLE step back and make room for you. 

Six ways your life will be changed by: Becoming Unstoppable!

  1. Clarify the top 3 passions that drive you
  2. Create the most powerful clarifying statement you’ve ever made about your destiny
  3. Update your identity by designing your own unique UNSTOPPABLE statement
  4. Defrag your mental computer from all the conflicting desires and competing commitments that get you stuck in an endless loop
  5. Flip any memory of failure in right on its head - and make it empower you
  6. Convert your most painful setbacks into empowering insights and strength. And much more... 

Whenever you get confused about what to do - the key is to go back to your passion statement. When you catch yourself avoiding a tough decision, getting discouraged or procrastinating you repeat your “I AM statement” - and then watch what happens. These special tools are available and on sale now. It's time to tap into all that God has for you. 

If you are tempted to give up or give into the circumstances of life Becoming Unstoppable is your biggest priority. 

What you will get you

  • 4 DVDs (Nearly 5 Hours of Live Training from Lance Events)  
  • 1  WORKBOOK chock full of illustrations, activations and power points (42 pages) 

Designed for people just like you, we will walk together through a blueprint that will guide you from where you get stuck straight into the prophetic future you see in your heart. 

Are you tired of waiting for someone else to open the door for you? When you get clear about what you are really called to do and WHO YOU REALLY ARE you won’t be waiting any longer. You’ll be unstoppable!

Lances Unconditional Guarantee: I’m so confident about how this will help you I am giving an unconditional guarantee - if you buy this product and it doesn’t do what I said just ship it back and I will refund you 100%.

Interested in doing this with a group? Click here to order more copies of just the workbook!


4 DVDs   1 WORKBOOK   4 Hours 50 Minutes 

Within 15 minutes of purchase, you will receive a welcome email with your login credentials to access this course. 

If you do not receive the welcome email, please visit for assistance. 

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