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Your Ultimate Life Strategy

Your Ultimate Life Strategy

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Your Ultimate Life Strategy: Cracking "The Destiny Code" 

Your Ultimate Life Strategy is all about cracking Your Convergence Code ™ its about unlocking what you already have inside you and putting it to it's intended divine use! 

  • There is a DNA you carry that links to your destiny. God has hidden this treasure in a place where nobody else can steal it and perhaps in the one place you never thought to look—inside you! 
  • This is your heavenly perspective on how to analyze every season of life through a divine compass. A heavenly GPS to help you at any stage - or any circumstance - in life so that you are able to see what the next step is to transition into your prophetic destiny. 
  • It's time for you tenter a role that frees you to utilize 100% of your gifts, talents, and acquired skills and access levels of fulfillment to which nothing else compares.

"The DNA you carry links to your destiny...
You just need to decode it."

Even a small sample of DNA can reveal who your parents are and if you are a believer – you carry the DNA of your Creator and redeemer right inside of you. You are a whole lot bigger on the inside than you think! DNA is the unique code within your physical body that reveals your physical identity. 

Just think, if your body—which is subject to decay and death—has a unique identity code, how about your inner man—the part of you that outlasts your body? There is a DNA you carry that links to your destiny. God has hidden this treasure in a place where nobody else can steal it and perhaps in the one place you never thought to look—inside you!

Your spirit carries the DNA code to your calling, purpose, and destiny. If you are a believer you have what’s called a “regenerated” spirit, or “born again” spirit man. A whole new you is living inside of you. This new spirit has your spiritual DNA!  

Cracking Your Destiny Code

Convergence is a phase of life where "it all starts coming together."

Unlocking The Convergence Code ™ is unlocking what you already have inside you and putting it to its intended use! Code cracking is easy when you have the right tools. Your life is leaving you BIG clues you just need to know where to look. It is like Hansel and Gretel’s trail of breadcrumbs leading them back to their house. 

The goal is to get you into the "convergence zone." This is a term I’ve used for the last four years to describe something like an energy field. It is like a vortex that sucks you into uncanny coincidences and “divine appointments." The key to cracking your Convergence Code is increasing your awareness of a convergence zone and how to access it. 

Here are some other aspects of to help you recognize the convergence zone:

  • The convergence zone is the place where you experience the future you—the person on the inside who wants to come out!
  • You access a momentary alignment with your ultimate assignment and seem to get a glimpse of who you are in your tomorrow.
  •  The convergence zone is activated whenever you step into a role that fully utilizes your God-given talents

How Do I Recognize the Convergence Zone?

Have you ever been in the middle of a conversation and you or the other person can point to goose bumps on your arm because the thing that was said resonated with the environment in such a way it gave you chills? This mysterious feeling is evidence of entering the convergence zone. It is a place where your spirit is aligned with heaven’s rhythm and earth’s ripple at the same time! You have entered the convergence zone many times in your life and did not notice it. 

What were those electric moments for you growing up? This may have been when you performed in a play, a dance, an athletic event, participated in student council, yearbook committee, elective or election. The moments that JUMP OUT as PEAK experiences were moments you crossed thru the zone.
Your future was being revealed to you in those moments!

Life gives you those priceless destiny appointments so you can “taste and see” your future and confirm the direction of your calling. This is SO IMPORTANT.

In "Your Ultimate Life Strategy" Dr. Lance Wallnau shows you how to embrace who you are and live a life:

  • FEELING authentic—you are being who you really are. You have no need to wear a mask. When you are in this zone you say to yourself, “This is me. This is what I was meant to do!”
  • 100% ALIVE because you are doing what you do best. You are energized rather than depleted by the activity.
  • Where you lose track of time in things you love. You experience a sort of “timeless awareness.” You become so fully engaged in the bliss of the activity that you enter a time bubble.
  • Of people wanting more. This creates more demand and experiences, which multiply more invitations and opportunities which create more evidence of being in “the zone.” Increase of any kind is the signature that you are in your zone and cracking the code.
  • With more opportunities to create an increased potential for prosperity. Why? Because you have figured out how to meet a need doing what you do best and love to do most!

The reality is, people perish for lack of knowledge—not lack of passion or opportunity. This is why I created the "Ultimate Life Strategy" just for you. 


Lesson 1: 
How to live in the Convergence Zone!

Lesson 2: 
The Wheel of Life + Interactive Profile

Lesson 3: 
The 4 stages of Convergence

Lesson 4: 
6 Core Human Needs

Lesson 5:
Sovereign Design & Personal History Lead To Convergence

Lesson 6: 
Cracking The Convergence Zone

18-Page Interactive Study Guide

12-Page "Wheel of Life" Personal Profile

Bonus 1: 
Entire 3-part Bible Study with Lance and Annabelle Wallnau diving into the core foundations of key areas

Bonus 2: 
E-book Cracking The Convergence Code


This material was recorded at our Dream Trip Event in Lake Tahoe during May 2017. 

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